Watches mark time, we encase it.

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Combining elegance and resistance, Filippi’s watch boxes are the best solution without compromise. The clients can express their wants and needs which will then be transformed into luxury couvettes and boxes by our artisans. Thanks to the decade-long experience with companies leaders in this sector, Filippi can now offer practical solutions to whomever seeks displays for window-shops and display cabinets. Embroidery, details and material are always chosen with wisdom so that what is experienced is exclusiveness and high-class. The perfection of luxury clockwork meets craftsmanship, attention to detail and specialised modelists in Filippi. They will be able to marry beauty, practicality and storytelling of the brand.

Couvettes and Watch Boxes

Every object has a case, encasing is synonymous of storytelling.

Displays and Accessories

Quality and passion are not a detail.

Sample Suitcases

Every trip, even if short, is part of the grand narrative of a brand.

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