A jewel is an emotion that needs protecting.

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Filippi is specialised in packaging that can bring great joy before an outstanding surprise. Our designers have always worked side-by-side with the client so that cases, boxes and displays ere not just a frame but an integral part of the product. Passion and thoughtfulness are put into every detail across every step of the way. From the idea to the handcrafting, all is created to enhance the product with uniqueness and beauty, functionality and unparalleled Made in Italy style. To encase does not mean to hide: detailing, materials, lines and colours of our packaging are an overture to the beauty they contain… without ruining the surprise.

Couvettes and Jewellery Boxes

Every object has a case,
encasing is synonymous of storytelling.

Displays and Accessories

Quality and passion are not a detail.

Sample Suitcases

Every trip, even if short,
is part of the grand narrative of a brand.

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