Case History

Packaging accompanies and enhances the quality of your product

We are aware that quality of external packaging reflects the internal one as well. That is why we feel directly responsible to shine a spotlight on your item, so much so that, more than a necessity, quality has become a true passion for us.

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A successful collaboration increases the passion.

The relationship with Safilo Group is now a set point in the history of Filippi 1965; for many years we have been working with the Paduan company, creating sample cases and suitcase cases.
Within their group, Carrera certainly represents one of the most famous and important brands.

When the Customer contacted us for the development of a series of solutions for Carrera Flag glasses, the project had as central pivot the creation of a coordinated image and the need to strengthen the brand identity.

Our prototypists have studied a series of solutions that could correspond to the needs of the client. The evaluation of the materials to be used was obviously a key moment in the design process: a delicate choice that the designers Filippi 1965 have been able to face thanks to their many years of experience in this field and to their solid passion for quality. Finally, we finished the couvette by inserting the FLAG extractor supplied directly by Carrera.

At the same time, the Customer’s request included the development of sample-case suitcases and an exhibition box for the sales points: the enhancement of the Brand also passes through a careful and sophisticated corporate image that communicates the characteristics and qualities of the product, even before it is really unveiled.

Couvette Look/ Noi

We are the prelude of a brand’s narrative.
The goal of the partnership with “Look the Concept Factory” was to create a unique storytelling of the product, starting from the first glance of our couvette.
Created for Mother and Father’s Day, each case contains a pair of stylish eyewear frames, paired with two bracelets handcrafted by “Legami Preziosi” jewellery makers.
The case created by our designers and project architects saw the use of fashion lines, faux leather and logo etched on heat-burnishing material.
The indissoluble bond between parents and children comes to life in Filippi for “Look The Concept Factory” couvette thanks to simple yet elegant lines, typical of the Made In Italy.

Safilo Kids

Every project is a new chance to grow.
When SAFILO contacted us for this project, we were presented with a fascinating challenge: to create a sturdy yet fun case for the KIDS project.
Our project architects chose rounded edges, reminiscing of a product designed for children. Filippi’s decades of experience enabled the use of soft materials, pleasant to the touch, which also boasted high resistance.
In every single phase of the design and craft of an article, we ensured the utmost attention to detail and made certain we were creating an object catered to a young audience.
With a 100% Italian production, Filippi for SAFILO’s case is characterised by being practical and functional, aside from extremely colourful and an eye-catching look.


When you all look in the same direction, you can see even further.
The collaboration with Borbonese was inspirational from the get-go. The client’s initial request was to create a suitcase with an Eye of Partidge, Borbonese’s signature motif.
The elaborate leather work required thoughtfulness and precision, characteristics that define us since Filippi’s establishment in 1965. Designers and project architects were able to repay tenfold the complete trust that the client gave them, offering a final product artfully handcrafted and with the unique Made in Italy style.

For additional refinement, real leather was chosen to be used for both the handle and edges of the case. The brand and its story required a high level of luxuriousness and no detail was neglected throughout the entirety of the productive chain. Subsequent to a close analysis between our project architects and Borbonese, a grey inside padding was chose to further highlight the opulence element.
Having appreciated the detailed craftsmanship and the end product, the client requested to further the partnership by ordering a hand mirror and an additional case.
Filippi’s know-how provided the crafting of a peculiar octagonal, leather-upholstered hand mirror. The case, on the other hand, called for an embossed, metallic writing. This entailed a more complex production process which our designers tackled by creating a precision matte to guide the sewing.

Set Carrera

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