Master Artisans since 1965

Since 1965 we offer our knowledge and experience to the best eyewear, jewellery and watch brands for elegant solutions in packaging and displays.

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Our story

Filippi – A story about tradition, passion for design and attention to detail

Over 50 years of experience. A story made of people that transformed a small leather shop into an ever-evolving brand.

From leather goods such as schoolbags, desk sets, folders and agendas to the production of jewellery, watch and eyewear displays as well as sophisticated packaging.

We never overlooked our company’s soul: the importance of artisanal traditions that translates to a guarantee of high quality for our clients. For this reason and because we support our production to the production chain in China, we are the choice of great Italian brands – both national and international – for which we produce in private label.

Study and design are born in our production facility in Mestrino, Padua, where we still carry out certified “Made in Italy” processes. At the same time we offer large-scale production of our packaging and displays through our workshops in China.

Time creates value

We are never fully satisfied which is why we are always on the lookout for new solutions for your packaging.

If our philosophy were to be summarised in one word, it would be “Time”.
We follow the client step-by-step, from the conception to the delivery of the product. We take the necessary time to craft items so to dedicate close attention to detail. The result is a meticulous, qualitative and personalised item.
Time doesn’t just give value to our creations but also gifts our artisans with experience and a heightened sense of touch. It teaches them how to best interpret materials and how to process them with incredible skill.
Time is inexorable but brings news and change. The need to follow the latest fashion and luxury trends is intrinsic to our innovative spirit; seeking new production technologies and materials to ensure the fulfilment of all clients’ needs – even the most demanding.

Why choose us

Filippi – A story about tradition, passion for design and attention to detail

Choice and knowledge of materials

All materials are selected based on their source and characteristics, putting emphasis on sustainability.
The profound knowledge of their different characteristics enables us to advise our clients on what is the most suitable choice to realise a certain project.

Unique Service and Personalisation

The graphic development which we could define “sartorial” is only the first phase of a detailed process. During this step, clients are included and questioned before entrusting the project to our meticulous and passionate process.
Only this will yield a final result that will reflect the personality of the product contained in our packaging, enhancing it.

Possibility to choose the production chain that best suits the needs

We carry out processes entirely at our factory in Mestrino to produce a 100% Made in Italy certified product or in China for production capacity, cost containment and logistics needs.
We make mixed productions based on the type of project and timing.

High specialisation, technical skill, multiple and innate competency to analyse details.

These are only some of the qualities of the artisans that work with dedication on our projects. They are aware they are working together to craft items which are unique and exclusive.

Quality check and attention to detail

Every colour, every clasp, every stitching helps express the product’s character. Our artisans dedicate themselves to crafting thoroughly detailed leather items.
Each production phase undergoes rigid quality checks in all specialised departments.
Meticulousness that does not stop at production but reaches item and graphics presentation to the client.

The industrial approach

A flexible and dynamic structure allows us to manage orders even for large quantities. All this in compliance with our high quality standards.

Our positioning is competitive thanks to the constant study of new technologies and innovations that allow us to maximize reactivity and production capacity.

The distribution and logistics phase is managed internally and is organized to offer our customers a punctual and efficient service.

Different needs, different solutions

From the realization of single and exclusive processes to the production of large quantities.

Whatever the customer’s request, Filippi is committed to responding to different solutions, relying on its experience related to craftsmanship but also on its expertise in high volume industrial production.

Even in the presence of large orders, high quality levels are always guaranteed thanks to our quality control and production team that works constantly to ensure our customers the utmost care of the final product.

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